INNOVATION DAY 2022 | materials science & engineering

Capstone instructor

Mano Misra
Mano Misra

The 2022 Senior Capstone course in materials science and engineering was taught by Mano Misra. To learn more about the materials science and engineering projects, please email Mano Misra.

About the department

Our undergraduate programs offer you the opportunity to work closely with our research-active faculty. Small class sizes and undergraduate research opportunities help you get to know your professors and provide opportunities to get hands-on research experience. We offer Nevada's only undergraduate degree program in chemical engineering and materials science and engineering. Visit the Department of Chemical & Materials Science Engineering

Explore the projects

  • MSE-01 (Irradiated Iodine Capture)

    Team: Emily Litt, Danielle DeCapito, Craig Moore, Ian Logan

    The project includes a design of a novel material intended to capture irradiated iodine. A proposed system design illustrates the method in which this material integrates into reprocessing used nuclear fuel.

    MSE-01 Lighting Talk