The Department of Biology in the College of Science provides a strong foundation for either a career in the biological sciences at graduation, or to further professional training in fields such as medicine, health sciences, conservation biology, wildlife biology, and biotechnology.

Many of our students carry out original research and earn post-graduate degrees in the biological sciences. The Biology faculty includes world-renowned scientists conducting cutting-edge research funded by agencies such as the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.

On the biomedical side of the department, our areas of greatest strength lie in developmental biology and neurobiology. In the areas of organismal biology and ecology, we have great faculty expertise in behavioral ecology, conservation biology and evolutionary biology. These scientists bring their wealth of knowledge and experience to their classroom teaching, and there are opportunities for interested undergraduates to gain invaluable research experience and mentoring by our research active faculty members.

The department also includes faculty members whose primary responsibilities are to teach and advise undergraduate students. We take advising seriously and this group of faculty members does an excellent job of helping our majors navigate through to the completion of their degrees.

Biology majors choose to follow either an ecology/evolution curricular track or a cell/molecular track. Both emphases give undergraduate students flexibility in preparing for a variety of career goals and also provide them with the opportunity to participate in active research projects. The Department also participates in interdisciplinary programs available for undergraduates: the Neuroscience B.S. degree program (with the Department of Psychology), the B.S./M.S. Biotechnology degree program (with the Department of Biochemistry), and the B.S./M.D. degree program (with the Medical School). 

Whichever aspect of the life sciences you choose to explore, or to be the focus of your education, the Department of Biology looks forward to sharing our enthusiasm for the subject with you.

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