Ph.D. in Basque Studies

This Basque Studies Ph.D. is for students who want to explore and preserve the ways of the Basque people, a culturally distinct group that has inhabited parts of Spain and France -- among other places -- for centuries.

Program at a glance

Admissions cycle: Fall, Spring
Application deadlines: April 15, Nov. 1
Assistantship types available: Research
Graduate director: Josepha Zuleika

Why choose this Ph.D. in Basque Studies?

The Center for Basque Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno is the leading academic and research institution for Basque Studies in the United States. The University library has one of the world's largest collections of Basque-related materials outside of Basque Country, currently at 55,000 volumes. The Center for Basque Studies faculty and visiting scholars undertake original research in a range of disciplines and participate in international and national networks of scholarship. The Center has produced seven series of books on Basque culture that were edited by faculty members.

The Basque Tutorial Ph.D. program provides humanities and social science students the opportunity to pursue doctoral studies emphasizing Basque-related courses and dissertation research. Graduates receive a Doctor of Philosophy in Basque Studies with an emphasis on the subject matter of one of the participating departments at the University:

Consequently, the degree is in Basque Studies and the student's transcript will list a major area of study, such as Basque Studies (Anthropology), Basque Studies (History) and so on.

The Tutorial Ph.D. program represents a unique opportunity for the right student. Given that it lacks the structure of a traditional doctoral program, the Tutorial Ph.D. suits students who have clear goals and are willing to assume responsibility for formulating, presenting and justifying a program of study and dissertation topic. The center highly recommends that potential applicants contact Director of Graduate Studies Joseba Zulaika to discuss their proposed research and verify that a mentor will be available for their topic.

How do I apply?

Applicants to the Basque Studies Ph.D. must meet the admissions standards of the University Graduate School. The Basque Studies Ph.D. program recommends submitting the following materials with the Graduate School application:

  • Statement of purpose
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Three letters of recommendation

The program supports admissions in both the fall and spring semesters. The application deadline for fall admission is April 15. The application deadline for spring is Nov. 1.

Is funding available?

The Center for Basque Studies has four graduate assistantships. Successful applicants are selected by the center's Admissions and Policy Board, although the assistantships are funded by the University.

Each assistantship has a stipend of $16,000 (including health insurance but before taxes are deducted) and entails a 10-month employment contract with the University. Graduate assistants are exempt from out-of-state tuition fees and receive a substantial fee waiver for courses. The state pays $166.21 for each credit, and the student must pay $63.29 per credit.

In addition, international students who receive an assistantship must pay certain compulsory fees for services such as counseling, access to the health center and OISS fees.

Additional Information

What's next?

You can apply now if you are ready to begin at the University. To learn more about the Basque Studies Ph.D., visit the Center for Basque Studies site or contact the graduate director for more information:

Joseba Zulaika, Ph.D.
Director of Graduate Studies, Center for Basque Studies
(775) 682-5575

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