Guideline for submissions

The Center for Basque Studies invites submissions on a wide variety of topics relating to the Basques, culture and society, or other subjects related to the Basques either in the Basque Country or around the world.

  • Scholarly works will be peer-reviewed by experts in the field
  • A submission form must be included with the submission
  • Your submission must relate in some way to the Basques, Basque culture, or the experience of Basques either in the Basque Country or in the diaspora

Submission form

Please fill out the submission form as fully as possible, as it provides a good deal of information that will help us evaluate your manuscript.

Style guide

This is not an exhaustive style guide. In general terms, the Center for Basque Studies Press follows the style recommendations of the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition. Our dictionary of choice is Merriam-Webster's New International or Collegiate editions.

Please feel free to contact the center with questions regarding press style.