Communication Degrees

The University offers two degrees
and a minor in Communication Studies:

So what will I learn?

Communication Studies students learn presentation, writing and research skills. Some of the many communication competencies covered in classes include:

  • How to successfully present a public speech to inform or persuade audiences in a variety of contexts.
  • How to write and adapt messages for academic, professional or interpersonal audiences.
  • How to research, critically evaluate and synthesize information to build coherent and well-supported arguments for a variety of contexts.
  • How to manage conversations including listening strategies, conflict management techniques and understanding diverse communication styles.
  • How to collaborate with others and use decision-making strategies to accomplish group goals.
  • How to design, implement and evaluate public advocacy messages or use effective persuasion strategies.
  • How to be an ethical communicator in an increasingly diverse and globalized world including building awareness of your own communication choices and communication cultural differences.