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Literacy Tutoring: FALL 2019

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The Center for Learning & Literacy is providing tutoring for students in grades K-8 during the FALL Semester of 2019. The tutoring program will provide one hour of individual one-on-one tutoring. Each session will work on literacy skills using digital storytelling, reading, and writing.  Each child will be individually assessed using an Informal Reading Inventory, a spelling inventory, and given a writing assessment. Individualized instruction will be provided in order to support and enhance each child's literacy development. A mid-term assessment and a final assessment (including a DVD and lesson analysis) will be provided to the family at the conclusion of the program.


Please select your option preference below:

Option A (Monday-Wednesday 4:15-5:15 p.m.) **Dr. Dianna Townsend
Option B (Tuesday-Thursday 4:15-5:15 p.m.) **Dr. Rachel Salas

Student Attendance Requirements

PLEASE NOTE: Tutoring is conducted at the UNR campus. Families are responsible for transporting their children to and from the UNR campus tutoring site. Attendance is crucial for the success of the program. More than 2 absences will result in your child being dropped from the tutoring program. There will be no tutoring during UNR and WCSD spring break March 18-April5, 2019. No refunds are given for students being dropped from tutoring due to lack of attendance.

The tutoring program is designed for students who are struggling with reading and are typically reading below their current grade level. All tutoring slots are reserved for struggling readers and while we understand that it can be easier to enroll siblings, each child's application is considered individually. We do not assist students with homework nor do we use any prepared programs. Each tutor assesses their student and designs individualized lessons for them each day.  

Payment Information

 The tutoring program fee is $300.00 for the semester.

 We require a deposit of $150.00 due with this registration form. The remaining balance is due on the CLL's required Open House night. Open House will occur the first day of tutoring. You are encouraged to come meet your child's tutor and the center staff.

 If your child is not admitted to the tutoring program, your deposit will be refunded.

 The CLL accepts checks and credit cards. You may include a check with this form or call the CLL (775-682-5522) to pay by credit card over the phone. Please make checks payable to: Center for Learning & Literacy


Registration Forms:                      

Registration Process:      We receive many applications for the tutoring program. Program slots are dependent on the UNR student course enrollment for each semester in order to maintain the one-on-one ratio. We do not accept students until the UNR add/drop date the second week of September. If your child is accepted you will receive a welcome packet with additional information by September 5th, other students will be placed on a waiting list. You may contact MONIKA BHARTI if you have any questions: mbharti@unr.edu  OR 775-682-5522

Location:                           WRB 3050 UNR Education Building, Center for Learning & Literacy.   We are located under the star on this map.
Parking:                            Twenty minute parking passes for the south east corner parking area of the Education Building are provided for pick up and drop off.