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The E.L. Cord Foundation Center for Learning and Literacy (CLL) has focused on supporting children’s literacy development since 1964.

The CLL’s mission is to enhance literacy in Nevada through research, teacher education, and literacy services for children. The CLL serves UNR students, teachers, and children through our on campus clinical tutoring program, our undergraduate teacher program, and our various outreach tutoring programs. Tutoring at a schoolLiteracy has evolved and transformed in the 21st Century. Our literacy support emphasizes the multiple modes and purposes of literacy from listening, speaking, reading and writing to digital literacies and content area literacies. All of our programs infuse the Common Core State Standards and integrate literacy and technology and provide teachers and students with the concepts and tools to be successful and engaged in their education.

The Center for Learning & Literacy does not diagnose reading disabilities. We offer informal assessments of a student's reading abilities based on observation. We use the Analytic Reading Inventory (Woods & Moe, 2011).

If you would like your child to be tested for a specific reading disability, we recommend seeking a licensed clinical and/or educational psychologist.

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The Center is always in need of funding to support families who request tutoring services. For more information about how to donate to the Center please contact Julie Pennington, Ph.D., at

The E.L. Cord Foundation Center for Learning and Literacy is housed within the College of Education on the University of Nevada, Reno campus.

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