University-Based Literacy Tutoring Program for Elementary Students

Literacy instruction in the tutoring programs focuses on meeting students' needs by utilizing various instructional methods, assessments, and technology to enrich the development of each student. Our University faculty and staff are dedicated to advancing literacy for all students. Please visit our website for more registration information regarding our tutoring program. Tutoring slots fill up quickly, so please be sure to register. Registration is not a guarantee of a tutoring slot. You will receive a notification and an application if your child has a tutoring slot.

Knowing informal reading inventory data enables classroom teachers, reading specialists, and school psychologists to make evidence-based instructional decisions and to report student progress in standards-based terms. Standardized testing does not provide such detailed instructionally connected data (Woods & More, 2011 p. 2).

Woods, M.L. & Moe, A.J. (2011), Analytical Reading Inventory. (9th Ed.), Pearson, New York.