Marketing lists & guides

Our College's brand represents everything we do — teaching, research and engagement. The College and University brand checklists, cheat sheets, guides and how-tos collected here will help you take a deep dive into our brand. Using our brand in a consistent manner on all communications will ensure a cohesive look and feel for both our internal and external audiences.

Accessibility commitment, policy overview & contacts

Our University and College are committed to diversity and to ensuring that our programs, services and activities are accessible to all. Learn about our commitment and policy, and who to contact for help.

Social media accessibility cheat sheet

In addition to the Basic Web Accessibility Cheat Sheet, follow these general best practices on hashtags, hyperlinks, images, video and more to ensure your social media content is accessible for people with disabilities.

Web accessibility cheat sheet

Learn the basics of making web content, including webpages, PDFs, and audio and video files, accessible for people with disabilities; how to check your accessibility work; and University accessibility resources.

University brand

The University's framers understood that education is the great equalizer, and that knowledge is power. For that reason, empowering people from across society to achieve their dreams through education and knowledge is the foundation of the University of Nevada, Reno brand.

University brand compliance

The University enforces a policy that requires prior approval in the form of a Print Release for all printing, imaging or embroidery projects using external vendors and costing $50 or more.

University road map

Explore the University's brand position, promise and pillars; learning, discovery and engagement messages, market value, competitive advantage and student benefits; and substantiators. (You must log into NevadaBox with your University NetID to view the map.)


College brand checklist for designers

It's important to start all projects with University and College policies in mind. This checklist can help. It touches on accessibility, branding, content, design, logo, photography and iconography, social media, spending money, swag, websites, and more.

Extension brand

Learn about Extension's brand positioning, tone, voice and communications, as well as how to use our branded templates. 

University content calendar & guides

You, your students and members of your team are encouraged to write or help to write social media, Ask the Professor (200-300 words), newsletter (250 words), NSights blog (500-1,000 words) or Story posts on your work, research, programs, field trips or events.


College writer's guide

There are many ways to talk about our College, units, departments and titles. From formal to informal, from stand-alone to with reference to the University: learn them all. Also get design tips to use when logos or identifiers meet content.

University social media guide

Learn about University social media guidelines, policies, goals and strategies; meet the University social media leadership team; get social media tips; see offical University social media channels; and apply for access to an exiting or to create a new University social media site.


College social media policy

We recognize the value of social media platforms for a range of goals and balance the support of social media with the preservation of our University and College brand identity, integrity and reputation. To help with that balance, we have a social media policy for our College.

Marketing resources

The resources collected here make it easy to be on-brand in all we do. This helps us to professionally represent our College with our marketing and advertising, apparel and swag, presentations and teaching, and office items.

Logo guide

Learn about our University's Block N logo and signature, as well as guidelines on logo color, size, clear space, illegal uses and uses on photos. Also covered are Nevada Athletics brands, our University's presidential seal and the Alumni Association signature.

University logos

Download horizontal and vertical positive and reversed University logos in PNG and EPS file formats. PNGs are good for every day use, such as on the web or in a document or flyer. The EPS files are good for large items or for orders placed with a vendor, such as large posters and banners and swag items.


Our logos

Download from Nevada Box our College's horizontal, vertical, positive and reversed logos as PNGs or EPSes. The PNG logos are good for everyday use. The EPS logos are good for large items or for orders placed with a vendor. Note: It might help to log into Nevada Box before clicking the download button.

University email signature template

Use this form to generate your own University email signature for use with desktop, browser, tablet and mobile email apps such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office 365 and iOS.

University office items templates

Learn about the design and specifications of and where to place orders for official University business system items, including branded business cards, letterhead, envelopes, name tags and more.

University COVID signage templates

See University COVID face coverings required, hand washing, and social distancing and preventative measures signage.


Our templates

Download samples and templates for ads, brochures, building signs, business cards, campus digital signs, Extension county annual reports, events, flyers, letterhead, pole banners, popups (full-size and tabletop), postcards, PowerPoints, rack cards and more.

University photography

On the University's Flickr account, you'll find thousand of professionally shot images you can use for your College marketing pieces. The account features an albums for our College and for Extension. For permission to download the photos, contact


Our photography

A key hallmark of our brand is original, professional and vibrant photography. Our College's communications team maintains a library of teaching, research and engagement photos for our College. To receive photos from or add photos to the library, contact the team.

Photography contacts

University Photographer Theresa Danna provides campus studio and event photography. To make a request, call 775-682-6787 or email Our College's communications team provides studio and limited event photography.

University iconography

 A key hallmark of our University and College brand is the use of professional, matching iconography, NOT clipart or mismatched icons. The University maintains a growing library of icons for us to use.