Alejandro Andrade-Rodriguez

Assistant Professor


My research interests are focused on improving the management of irrigation water resources used in arid and semi-arid regions through the application of advanced engineering methods and technologies. Some of the topics I’m interested in are:

  • Precision irrigation (apply variable amounts of water to fields based on individual crop water needs)
  • Irrigation scheduling (determine when, how much, and where to irrigate)
  • Application of artificial intelligence and optimization methods for the solution of complex problems in water and irrigation management
  • Development of easy-to-use Decision Support Systems that help farmers to reduce water use while maintaining yields


B.S. Universidad Autonoma Chapingo, 2007
M.S. University of Arizona, 2011
Ph.D. University of Arizona, 2013


Publications are listed below.

Book Chapter(s)

Deficit irrigation and site-specific irrigation scheduling techniques to minimize water use.


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Fact Sheets

Sorghum Production in Nevada


University of Nevada, Reno, FS-21-09

Walia, M., Yerka, M., Washington-Allen, R., Andrade-Rodriguez, M., and McCuin, G.

This fact sheet aims to educate it's readers on sorghum as an alternative crop for Nevada, varieties of sorghum, and key considerations for the production of sorghum crops....


Mixing at junctions in distribution systems: an experimental study.


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Song, I., Romero-Gomez, P., Andrade, M., Mondaca, M., Choi, C.

Using an integrated crop water stress index for irrigation scheduling of two corn hybrids in a semi-arid region.


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Lay or Popular Publications

An Irrigation Scheduling SCADA System.


Resource Magazine, 23(4), 10-11

O’Shaughnessy, S., Andrade, M., Evett, S., Colaizzi, P..