We conduct state of the art research on:

  • Animal nutrition and production
  • Animal health
  • Animal reproduction
  • Grazing and forage ecology, management and utilization
  • Plant molecular genetics
  • Horticulture
  • Meat science
  • Sustainability of mowing fuel breaks - resilience of sagebrush rangelands
  • Post fire riparian monitoring for return of livestock grazing
  • Cattle and wild horse management for nevada sage-grouse meadow habitats
  • Groundwater movement in restored meadows of the Sierra Nevada Range
  • Geomorphic sustainability of pond and plug meadow restoration projects
  • Response of central nevada pinyon-juniper woodlands to fire, chaining, thinning and mastication
  • Practical grazing management to maintain or restore riparian functions and values
  • Riparian functions for water quality
  • Post fire grazing management in the presence of cheatgrass
  • State-and-Transition modeling development
  • Ecohydrology of Winter's Ranch: implications for future management
  • Rangeland management research
  • Nutritional toxicology
  • Environmental toxicology

Research facilities

Our research is internationally recognized and we offer hands-on opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students to work in a variety of laboratory settings as well as field experiments at several outstanding research facilities, including: