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Prox (Key)Cards

The Prox card is an electronic door access card. The ID Office is working with Campus Police to re-card the campus from the old white key card to the new combination WolfCard/Prox card. Campus Police will notify the departments when we are ready to schedule re-carding for a building.

Staff in that building requiring a prox card will need to bring a new, approved security form to the ID Office in the Joe Crowley Student Union to obtain the card. The security form will then go to Police so the new card can be activated and the old card de-activated in the system. See the WolfCard Forms page for the security form.

If Your Prox Card is Not Working

  • Are you enrolled for classes? Student cards will remain active between semesters if you are registered for the following semester.
  • Did you freeze your card? Contact Campus Police Services
  • Did you report a lost card found to campus police?
  • Ask your supervisor or department head if your status has changed.
  • If you have damaged your Prox card the replacement fee is $15.
  • Do not carry your card in a back pocket, it should be carried in a sturdy holder
  • Do not punch holes in your card for any reason

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