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Northern Nevada Student Planning Organization



The Student Association for International Water Issues, or SAIWI (pronounced "Say-wee" or ['sA-wE]) is a student organization at the University of Nevada, Reno, working to develop an understanding of global water issues and promote community empowerment through education and water resource development.



Scholarships and Awards

The Department of Geography offers a number of scholarships and awards. Scholarship selection is based upon many factors including GPA, student status, field of emphasis, residency and need; the selection process is completed in the spring semester.


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Teaching Assistantship

The Department of Geography supports several graduate teaching assistantships (TA). During the spring semester eligible applicants can apply for a graduate teaching assistantship for the following academic year. Typically filled by M.S. students, teaching assistantships are for one year, and renewal for a second year is contingent upon the student’s progress and performance.


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Student Awards 2010-2011

Department Outstanding Undergraduate Award - Lauren Baker
Department Outstanding Graduate Student Award - Michael Dolloff

Student Awards 2009-2010

Scheid Award - Nichole "Nikki" Peterson
Department Outstanding Undergraduate Award - Kerry McLeran
Department Outstanding Graduate Student Award - Jake Kupiec

Student Awards 2008-2009

Scheid Award - Steve Connett
Department Outstanding Undergraduate Award - Michael Freeman
Department Outstanding M.S. Land Use Planning Award - Robert Rule
Department Outstanding M.S. Geography Award - Candace Wheeler


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