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Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

Degree Requirements

*Students seeking the bachelor of arts degree from the Reynolds School of Journalism must complete at least 120 credits.

Non-journalism course requirements (84 credits minimum)

  • The University Core Curriculum (36 credits minimum)
  • Minor or second major (18 credits minimum)
  • Two semesters of college level Foreign Language (8 credits)
  • Additional School requirements in Liberal Arts and Sciences (15-22 credits).
  • Journalism students must complete 65 credits in Liberal Arts. Many of these credits are acquired in the university core, the language requirement and the minor, while other Liberal Arts credits are designated by the school. More credits may be necessary to reach the 65 credit minimum depending on a student's choice of minor and progress through the University Core Curriculum.

Journalism course requirements

  • 36 credits minimum.
  • 12 or the 36 Journalism credits in 400-level classes.

The 120 credits must also conform to the following:

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Journalism GPA of 2.5
  • 40 credits in classes numbered 300 or higher
  • 60 credits acquired at a four year institution
  • 30 credits in residence at UNR
  • Credits taken for S/U grades equal 5 units maximum.

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