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Our department has a strong commitment to research. In the last 10 years, the department has been awarded $14.4 million in research grants, and  our research has been supported by major agencies and industry partners including the National Science Foundation, NASA, Google and Microsoft.

Faculty research spans interdisciplinary science and engineering problems, including cutting-edge projects in expanding fields such as advanced manufacturing, autonomous systems and cyber security.

See a list of currently funded projects.

Areas of Research Expertise

Computer and Network Systems

A server stack

Faculty in this area research wireline and wireless networking areas to improve the Internet and accommodate growing demand for high-speed mobile networking. Faculty also investigate cyber security and forensics to protect the digital world and explore social and biological networks in order to identify patterns in those complex systems.

Intelligent Systems

Robotic dog

Our research focuses on developing systems that are able to perceive, understand and respond to the world around them. This area of research has a wide range of applications, from vision-based surveillance to assistive robotics, autonomous systems and advanced manufacturing.

Software Systems

Computer simulation

Researchers in this area are developing infrastructure and software solutions to scale and support the collection and use of big data for scientific research. Recent projects have involved real-time climate data collection and developing a framework for model and data interoperability.

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