About Theatre and Dance

Mission Statement

Artistic exploration is integral to a liberal arts education. Participation in the process and product of theatrical production engages the mind, the body, and the spirit, and serves as a creative catalyst for further artistic, scholarly, and socio-cultural exploration across and within a variety of disciplines. Performance is the liminal space between form and meaning; it is the space of stories and the canvas of storytellers. The study of dance and theatre is the study of culture, of human emotion and intellect, of things felt and seen, and of the body, the voice, and the unknown. These linkages between exterior life and interior existence drive and unite our community of artists, scholars, and educators.

The core mission of the Theatre and Dance Department at the University of Nevada, Reno is to explore and reflect on performance practice and theory through active participation in theatrical production experiences.


We seek to create a foundational understanding of traditional approaches to process, performance, design and technical proficiencies, while also guiding explorations of non-traditional, modern, and post-modern production processes and performances. We offer exposure to and participation in a range of work, including:

  • various modes of dance
  • classical productions
  • traditional theater and musicals
  • devising
  • interdisciplinary constructions


Classroom discussion and laboratory experiences are designed to query and support a variety of areas:

  • directing and choreography
  • somatic and psychophysical performance
  • design processes and structures
  • development of an audio-visual intelligence
  • directed study in history, literature and culture


We actively engage with guest artists in conjunction with faculty research and creative work and outside professional experiences. Through these experiences, student-artists are empowered and encouraged to be creative leaders in the ever-evolving landscape of dance and theater.

We offer an opportunity for a range of experiences and exposure to a variety of theoretical approaches with an emphasis on a full understanding of collaborative practice and seek to prepare scholar-artists and citizen-artists to pursue advanced degrees in the field and to be engagers and illustrators of social issues and cultural moments and movements.