Our mission statement

We are committed to the multidisciplinary nature of theatre and dance through rigorous study – from historical legacies to contemporary challenges, and global traditions to individual identity – which fosters growth and prepares students for professional opportunities, supports faculty as artists and scholars and actively engages audiences.

Our core values and guiding principles


We are committed to treating each other and our students with respect by fostering a community of support.

We honor individual and diverse voices with equal merit and value.


We strive to establish a collaborative environment fusing different creative visions and discovering paths to innovation through the integration of group ideas.

We are dedicated to modeling creative, artistic and professional practices that originate out of the spirit of collaboration for and with our students and colleagues.


In practice and in scholarship, we guide students in linking educational experiences to professional pursuits.

We aim to model professional standards and familiarize students with relevant, safe and sustainable practices.


We promote creativity by fostering an environment that encourages risk-taking, artistic self-expression, discipline and critical thinking.

We inspire educational and civic exploration of new ideas to generate understanding of ourselves and others through innovative production and classroom experiences of the highest possible quality.


Through diverse, artistic and educational programming we aim to cultivate a dynamic sense of community that serves the local and regional populations.

We strive to engage resources from the community and outside artists to create connections that fuel our research and creative activities contributing to the growth and success of our teaching and artistry.


Musical Theatre



The Department of Theatre and Dance perform in three main venues, while a number of other facilities are available for rehearsal or smaller events.

  • Redfield Proscenium Theatre: The house features 260 seats in continental arrangement with several removable seats for wheelchair access.
  • Redfield Studio Theatre: A multi-configuration black box with seating for up to 162.
  • Dance Theatre: Located in the Lombardi Recreation Center, this is a proscenium-like space which seats 60.
  • Other facilities: Includes the state-of-the-art lighting lab which is 900-square-feet of dedicated space for the instruction of stage lighting design. In addition, the Lombardi Recreation Building has newly renovated and modern studio and rehearsal spaces including five dance, musical theatre and theatre studios, with an additional studio in the Virginia Street Gym.