2019 Competition Results

Sontag Entrepreneurship Competition 2019 Winner: Sturn Designs

Sturn Designs Ltd. designs, manufactures, and distributes four-season all terrain expedition vehicles. These vehicles are equipped with a self-contained four person living cabin. The vehicles consist of two main components, a four-wheel drive midsize truck (Toyota Tacoma or similar) and a fiberglass or carbon fiber camper shell.

  • Team Member(s): Nicolo Monforte and Matt Linder

2019 Finalist Teams

Campus Refill Initiative

The Campus Refill Initiative (CRI) is a partnership between a local zero waste company, Black Rock Refill (BRR), and the Nevada Wolf Shop located at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). The CRI aims to reduce plastic waste by offering sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic products to its students, faculty, and staff. CRI is currently serving as a pilot program at UNR during the 2018-2019 academic year. CRI’s goal is to expand to other Universities and Community Colleges across the country, and eventually across the globe.

  • Team Member(s): Samantha Romanick

Don’t Drive

Don’t Drive is bringing communities together to provide a safe and convenient solution for getting you and your car home. Don’tDrive utilizes a mobile application which provides a location-based, ride request platform that serves as the dispatch and network infrastructure for all privately contracted drivers and customers. Don’tDrive’s web-based application allows people to conveniently share their location and request a ride to arrange transport for them and/or their car.

  • Team Member(s): Tristen Houston and Devin Kahl

Scratch’d Anchor

Scratch’d Anchor is a company that takes retired or unusable sailboat sails and turns them into products such as bags, wallets, and accessories. Our ability to take off as a company lies in our low production costs and highly driven team of entrepreneurs that crave the taste of success. Using material that is obsolete helps keep our costs down. Strategically positioning ourselves with our three target markets, oceanic enthusiasts, fitness fanatics and “green” millennials, helps us make healthy profits.

  • Team Member(s): Ryan Conner, Chaz Clark, Andrew Retallick, Erik O’Sullivan, Rebecca Day and Ashley Breyer


Tutology is a peer-to-peer marketplace platform that aims to assist college students taking difficult courses in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, by connecting them with fellow peer-tutors at their university—think the ‘Uber of tutors’. The platform will solve a critical issue occurring across universities: the lack of advanced tutoring for upper-level classes at an affordable rate. Tutology will assist in connecting independent tutors with students through a web-based application where the platform will facilitate one-on-one or group study sessions for specific upper-level classes.

  • Team Member(s): Anurag Kulkarni, Erik Miannay and Kripash Shrestha

Under Par Indoor Disc Golf

Under Par intends to build and operate an indoor disk golf course, bar and pro shop in Reno, Nevada. Our goal is to elevate the name of Disc Golf. Disc Golf is a rapidly growing sport with a market that has exponential growth potential. Reno is windy with weather that is not always conducive to active playing year-round and Under Par, Reno’s first indoor disc golf course, solves that problem.

  • Team Member(s): Rachel Willis and Omar Ziadeh