2018 Competition Results

Sontag Entrepreneurship Competition 2018 Winner: FitnesSpiral

FitnesSpiral wins the $50,000 prize at the 2018 Sontag Entrepreneurship Competition. Read more about the winner in the NevadaToday article and see the feature on page 90 of Alaska Airlines' Beyond inflight magazine.

2018 Finalist Teams

Finalists pitched their ideas to a panel of judges on March 11th, 2018 at the Innevation Center. Learn more about the five finalists in this year's competition.

Financially Fit Employees

Financially Fit Employees (FFE) offers a variety of coaching and support services that improve individuals' financial decision making. FFE offers scientifically sound and clinically tested support services to improve employees' financial decision making, thereby increasing employee financial wellness.

  • Team Member(s): Kimberly Greenman, Ph.D., Sociology
  • Team Advisors: Dr. Yvonne Stedham, Kurt Frolich and Kelly Northridge


FitnesSprial is a social health tech company consisting of a physical workout machine and accompanying app. FitnesSpiral seeks to create a positive outcome from social media addiction. Our company was created to address the immense issue of not only social media addiction, but also obesity and the corresponding medical issues that accompany this epidemic.

  • Team Member(s): Megan Price, Marketing
  • Team Mentor: Matt Westfield

Helix Gear USA

Helix Gear USA is in the business of designing and manufacturing innovative equipment and systems for outdoor camping. Their initial entry into the market is their Mobile Adventure Platform, which is the basis for their modular storage system while also providing a sleeping platform. Their designs strive for strength, light weight, utility and durability.

  • Team Member(s): Loren Montague, Mechanical Engineering and Ryan Schmid, Mechanical Engineering


Perf-ic is an electrical prototyping and design firm. Perf-ic provides three services: rapid prototyping solutions, product support, and competitive edge reverse engineering. Perf-ic provides customers the advantage of rapid electronic prototyping to give customers an edge in their own respective market.

  • Team Member(s): Erik Randall, Electrical Engineering, Trevor Madden, Electrical Engineering; Matthew Bauters, Electrical Engineering; and Alex Ford, Electrical Engineering
  • Team Mentors: David Redfern and Dr. Thomas Burnham

WAVE Motors

WAV Electric Motors (WAVE MotorsTM), is a social start-up for profit that is committed to accelerating clean transportation for masses. India's vision is to make the country all-electric by 2030. Our mission is to aid the India government is its ambitious and noble dream by putting EVs on the road. Our products are high energy efficient electric motorcycles for our niche market segment.

  • Team Member(s): Santosh Balajee Banisetty, Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering; Ashish Kumar Kasar, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering; and Manish Jain, Ph.D., Material Science
  • Team Mentor: Matt Westfield