2016 Competition Results

Sontag Entrepreneurship Competition 2016 Winner: Instally

On March 30, 2016, the Sontag Entrepreneurship Competition announced the fifth winner of the 2016 competition. Instally, founded by MBA candidate Ryan Klekas, is trying to alleviate the difficulty of finding parking near universities. Klekas is working on quickly expanding to west coast universities in a short time to dominate the market. The $50,000 prize will be used primarily to build out the technology.

Second place, a prize of $5,000, was awarded to Helmet Neuro Protection Technology. The team is headed by MBA candidate Chase Houston and is working on making helmets safer for those in contact sports. To read more, check out Nevada Today's article here.

2016 Finalist Teams


Fraktion aims to create physical kiosks for customers to insert cash and convert it to Bitcoin and potentially other cryptocurrencies. The team: Dakota Ward, mechanical engineering; and Anthony Fernandez, mechanical engineering

Hana Energy LLC

Hana Energy is designing and manufacturing anodes for use in lithium ion batteries using graphene and silicone for vastly improved performance. The team: Chase Houston, MBA candidate; Mohamad Masoumi, MBA candidate, Ph.D. candidate in material science.

Helmet Neuro Protection Technology

Helmet Neuro Protection Technology aims to use 3D printing to help create a revolutionary helmet that is lighter, more comfortable and reduces the probability of concussions and/or traumatic brain injury. The team: Chase Houston, MBA candidate.


Instally is a mobile platform that provides superior parking solutions for universities. The team: Ryan Klekas, MBA candidate.

Ucraft Brew

Ucraft Brew allows novices to advanced brewers to create a custom beer online that will be shipped directly to them. The team: Spencer Lewis, business; Brad Humphreys, business; and Tanner Johnson, business