Judith Sugar, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Sugar, Judith


Much of my scholarship in life-span developmental psychology has been directed at two important questions: what is normal versus pathological aging, and how do we conceptualize, measure, and positively influence older adults' quality of life? In addition to the theoretical and empirical value of these questions for life-span developmental psychology, the answers to these questions have critical implications for the daily lives of older adults. Decisions about nursing home placements, diagnoses of dementia, and declarations of incompetence often hinge on judgments and measures of health and psychological functioning. My interests in methodology include research design, data analysis, measurement, and interpretation of research results. Higher education issues of interest include enhancing diversity in the academy, pedagogy, and mentoring and advising.

Selected Publications

In preparation

  • Sugar, J. A., & Cohn, J. (in preparation). A multidimensional scaling model of quality of life in the elderly.


  • Sugar, J. A., & Marinelli, R. D. 1997. Healthful aging: A social perspective. Activities, Adaptation & Aging, 21(4), 1-12.


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  • Sugar, J. A., & Cohn, J. A multidimensional scaling model of quality of life in the elderly. in preparation.


  • PhD, Lifespan Developmental Psychology, York University, Toronto, Canada