Tahliah Skinner-Ling

Tahliah Ling

Doctoral student


My research interests lie in the intersection of trauma, juvenile justice and human trafficking. More specifically, I am interested in how attitudes and perceptions of human trafficking affect the treatment of human trafficking victims, specifically juveniles, when in contact with the criminal justice system. Additionally, I am interested in how one's own trauma affects attitudes and perceptions of human trafficking, the act, victims/survivors and perpetrators. I am also interested in advancing the criminal justice system such that laws, policies and procedures be changed to view and treat victims/survivors of human trafficking as victims rather than criminals. Lastly, and in the same vein, I am interested in the use of evidence-based and victim-centered programs in courts to ensure that victims/survivors of human trafficking are provided the assistance they deserve.

Recent publications

Ling, T., & Marsh, S. C. (in progress). Human Trafficking. In P. T. Clements, D. Solomon, M. D. Flores, C. A. Mallet, & K. Mancha (Eds.), Gender Based Violence Across the Spectrum: A Trauma-Informed Approach 

Knoche, V., Marsh, S. C., Skinner-Ling, T. (2022). Exploring juvenile court outcomes as a function of judge-youth characteristics and interactions. Juvenile and Family Court Journal. 73, 23–39.

Research experience

My past research experience consists of being an undergraduate research assistant in a virtual reality laboratory that studied post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and self-efficacy.


B.A. Psychology and Criminal Justice from Delaware State University