Sampada Karandikar

Doctoral student
Sampada Karandikar


I work under Dr. Dan Jones in his Dark Triad and Corporate Climate Lab, and am broadly interested in studying how dark personality traits are manifested in various situations. My specific interests also lie in studying the serial killer phenomenon, and white-collar crime.

Selected publications


Thorat, S., & Karandikar, S. (2019). Twisted - A profile of Indian Serial Killers. Vishwakarma.

Research papers

Puthillam, A., Karandikar, S., Kapoor, H., & Parekh, A. (2021). Gratitude blindness: How does the Dark
Triad experience gratitude? Personality and Individual Differences, 168, 110309.

Karandikar, S., Kapoor, H., & Litman, J. (2020). Why so curious? Validation and cross‐cultural investigation of the Hindi Epistemic Curiosity Scale. Asian Journal of Social Psychology.

Puthillam A., Karandikar S., & Kapoor H. (2019). I see how you feel: How the Dark Triad recognizes emotions. Current Psychology.

Karandikar, S., Kapoor, H., Fernandes, S., & Jonason, P. K. (2018). Predicting moral decision-making with dark personalities and moral values. Personality and Individual Differences.

Book chapters

Karandikar, S. (2019). Persuasive Propaganda: An investigation of online deceptive tactics of Islamist, White, and Zionist extremists.
Handbook of Research on Deception, Fake News, and Misinformation Online (pp. 538-555)


MSc. in Forensic Psychology, University of York (UK)

B.A. in Psychology, Mumbai University (India)