Cluster Computing Fee Structure & Consulting Requests

Cluster Computing Fee Structure (Tier Levels)

Access to shared high performance computing (HPC) at the University is organized into three tiers of use:

  • Up-front leasing for a fixed period
  • Pay-as-you-go use
  • No-fee use (with restrictions)

The no-fee use tier has been subsidized by the Office of Information Technology and Research & Innovation.

Email to access Pronghorn as a University employee.

Business & Industry Affiliates

The University's shared HPC resources are available to business, industry and off-campus affiliates as well. Access by external (non-University) users whose work connects to the University, such as a research collaboration, is coordinated through the Nevada Center for Applied Research and charged at higher rates (to be negotiated).

Contact NCAR to access Pronghorn as a business or industry affiliate.

Consulting from the High Performance Computing Team

Our team is committed to collaborating with and advising researchers on complex research technology in areas including, but not limited to:

  • High performance computing
  • Visualization
  • High speed networking

We also offer grant proposal submission support.

Request Consulting

Submit inquiries for consulting to Please be prepared to provide a brief proposal that includes the following information:

  • A list of researchers who will need accounts
  • The faculty member(s) sponsoring the project
  • The scientific background of your project for the proposed work
  • The software pipeline for your project
  • Programming language(s) used
  • Parallelization mechanism ex: MPI, OpenMP, naive parallel
  • Required libraries
  • Number of concurrent CPUs per job
  • RAM per job
  • Total disk space