Research data storage & transfer


  • General purpose storage: 1.5 PB of dedicated storage space using a Dell EMC Isilon PowerScale system is available through the on-campus network. This system is optimized for general purpose research data staging or backup during active project phases by large groups or laboratories. Allocation requests are submitted using the University TeamDynamix ticketing system. This system and service has a lifetime of 2021-2026, thanks to generous donations by University benefactors.

View the Rosalind data storage access and onboarding page.

  • HPC staging storage: 1.5 PB of high-performance data storage using a DDN/IBM SpectrumScale GPFS system in the Switch Reno-Tahoe Datacenter is available for data staging during compute, or alternatively as a secondary backup target. This service has a use fee of $8/TB/month (FY22), and has a lifetime matched with the Pronghorn HPC system (2018-2024).

 Data storage & offboarding policy

  • Allowable/appropriate data: These systems are designed for uncontrolled RESEARCH data only. Controlled data or non-research data will not be allowed on these systems.
  • Offboarding: If OIT is notified that an allocation owner NetID is no longer active in the system (employment separation), OIT will permanently purge the former user’s directory as part of an automated process 60 days after separation to free up resources, without further notification and without backup. It is the responsibility of the users, user departments, and research data authorities on campus to appropriately manage and copy data off the system prior to directory deletion by OIT.