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School mathematics has changed and will continue to change as educators, publishers and lawmakers struggle to make K-12 education an empowering and rewarding experience for all students. Unlike most countries, where debate, development and testing of new curricula occur primarily at the federal level, these activities occur simultaneously at the federal, state and local levels in the U.S. Consequently, K-12 educational goals, methods and materials vary dramatically from school to school as well as from state to state. Under the circumstances, it is not surprising that many parents have difficulty identifying, researching and responding to educational issues directly affecting their children.

Math for Mom and Dad is an attempt to deal constructively with issues related to school mathematics. Our treatment of these issues is not intended to be systematic, scientific or unbiased. We are mathematics educators with strong opinions and preferences based on decades of reading, reflection, research and teaching. In addition to presenting our own thoughts, we provide links to online resources created and maintained by others. While we take no responsibility for the information or opinions expressed there, these links may broaden and deepen your understanding of issues and highlight useful resources. The following provides a starting points for your educational journey.

Not Your Mother's Mathematics