Student Researcher (SR) – High School Participants

CBESS has selected up to 32 bilingual Northern Nevada high school juniors to participate in the following programming:

  • Career Exploration Events - Participants and parents met and interacted with healthcare professionals.
  • Summer Research Program - Participants lived on the University of Nevada, Reno campus or participated in a virtual program for three weeks, attended daily classes (conducted in both English and Spanish) and created a student-led research project about a community health issue. SRs learned to perform hypothesis-driven research, received instruction and content in STEM and health care, toured a variety of research and health care facilities, and polished their communication and writing skills.
  • Near-Peer Mentoring - Participants matched with a bilingual undergraduate (Leadership Trainee) to receive monthly mentoring during senior year.
  • Outreach Internship - Participants participated in a CBESS Outreach internship creating an initiative based on the summer research project.

CBESS will select an additional 64 Northern Nevada high school juniors who will not receive the above programming, but will receive:

  • Gift Card - Participants will receive a $150 gift card for completing questionnaires throughout their junior and senior years

Fax: 775-327-2016

Mail: (*Washoe County School District personnel may send using interschool mail*)

Raggio Research Center for STEM Education c/o CBESS

University of Nevada, Reno M/S 0432

Reno, NV 89557