Postdoctoral Association of the University of Nevada, Reno

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Hello and welcome!

The University of Nevada, Reno Postdoctoral Association (UNRPA) is a volunteer organization formed in 2021 both by and for the University's postdocs.

Our mission is to improve the postdoctoral experience both at the University and in academia. We do this by supporting fellow postdocs in your transitions to and from the University; enhancing your research and training opportunities while here; and advocating for the inclusive and equitable transformation of academia. We empower postdocs to become bold and effective leaders in academia, industry and community.


All postdoctoral scholars at the University of Nevada, Reno are automatically included in UNRPA and welcome to attend meetings, events and discussions relevant to postdocs.

Executive leadership

Stanislav Kolencik, Ph.D.


Stanislav Kolencik

Stanislav is a postdoctoral scholar working in various biology fields, mostly with an emphasis on Biodiversity, Ecology, and Evolution. His current research focuses on improving our knowledge of ectoparasite biodiversity and understanding of coevolutionary patterns between hosts and their parasites. Stanislav is the current Chair for the University of Nevada, Reno Postdoctoral Association. He is passionate about improving the environment and opportunities for postdocs at the University, as well as bringing them together. He loves being active, finding new challenges, and discovering new places or hobbies.

David Stupski, Ph.D.

Operations Manager

DavidDavid is a postdoc working in the Mechanical Engineering department (but enjoys reminding people that he's actually an ecologist). His research aims to understand how flying insects are so good at tracking smells down to their source and whether or not these principles can be applied to robotics. He is the current Operations Manager of the University of Nevada, Reno Postdoctoral Association. He is passionate about data visualization, improving academic working conditions and bar trivia. 

Arely Perez Lopez, Ph.D.

Events & Social Media Coordinator

Arely PerezArely is a postdoctoral researcher in plant science at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Broadly, her research integrates bioengineering strategies to improve drought stress tolerance and water use efficiency in plants. She is currently the Events and Social Media Coordinator of the Postdoctoral Association, pursuing to enhance professional development and active learning of the postdoctoral community.  She feels inclined to laboratory and greenhouse work as well as enjoys knitting, dancing, and painting by avocation.

Sarpras Swain, Ph.D.

Finance Officer

SarprasSarpras is a postdoc in the Physiology and Cell Biology department with an interest in the role of mitochondrial calcium uniporter (MCU) in central synaptic development and function and disease-related pathologies. The study uses multiple techniques (acute viral perturbation, biochemical assays and functional/structural imaging) to better understand the role of MCU in mitochondrial activity and energy production in metabolic activity of mammalian CNS funtionality. He is the current Finance Officer of the Postdoctoral Association.

Organizational structure