About Nevada Water

Nevada Water is leading the way for water resources planning in a time of growth and renewable energy development. We are working closely with community stakeholders representing rural water, tribes, state agencies, federal agencies, environmental/NGOs, municipal and industrial water, and educators and researchers.


We bring together diverse organizations, agencies, tribes, and societal groups to collaboratively identify and address complicated urban-rural water challenges. Using convergent research, the network serves as a trusted source of water-related information, fosters community engagement and facilitates discussions, provides educational resources for all levels, and helps build capacity for communities to co-create pathways toward water sustainability for people and ecosystems.


A resilient, sustainable, inclusive, equitable, and feasible water future for the state of Nevada that is shaped through a collaborative process and provides knowledge-based strategies to address diverse urban-rural, human, and ecosystem water challenges.


Over the past year, we have engaged over 124 participants representing 65 organizations, agencies, and societal groups, co-developed a mission and vision, created and implemented educational modules, and co-produced an inclusive plan for the network structure, activities, and priorities within the context of Transformative Science with Society and the Theory of Change.