Downloading Logos

Looking for logos? You're in the right spot. The zipped folders include jpeg, png and vector files. JPEG logos are ideal for use in such programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and other common software programs. PNG logos are used for web projects requiring the logo to be placed on another color field. Vector logos are Adobe Illustrator format and are infinitely scalable, giving you maximum flexibility. Large-scale posters, banners, swag items such as t-shirts, mugs and other giveaways need vector logos.

Example of correct and incorrect reverse logoReverse logos for dark backgrounds

In some design applications, the logo must reverse out of a solid color, such as blue. When using the logo in reverse, the only color options for the Block N logo and logotype are white and black. A white outline around the Block N is required for all usage. The inside the block must never be white. The "N" is always white.

wrong unr logos in positivePositive logos for light backgrounds

Positive logos are appropriate for white or light backgrounds.

Positive logos for white backgrounds

Nevada black horizontal Logo

Nevada blue horizontal logo

Nevada black stacked Logo

Nevada blue stack logo