Advertising Specialties (Logo Imprinted Swag & Tchotchkes)

Advertising specialties (also known as "swag" or "tchotchkes") is the category of promotional items where the University logo and unit name, URL and other information is imprinted or embroidered on giveaway items such as office supplies or small "toys," apparel, notepads, thumb drives, coffee mugs, water bottles, and similar items.

The same rules and regulations for logo usage and color branding apply to advertising specialties. Please consult the Hallmarks of the University Brand document for guidance when designing these items. One of the most common difficulties with advertising specialties is designing for the small space allowed. If you are designing for a .5" x 1.0" space, which is not uncommon for pens, staplers, thumb drives, and small imprintables, please remember that less is more. The important thing is that the University brand and the unit name are legible to the end user. When designing for these small spaces, print out your design at 100 percent (actual) size and use your best judgment as to whether the University brand and the unit name are legible.

Embroidered specialty advertising items, such as ball caps, apparel, and bags, have a special set of constraints due to limits in the ability of sewing machines to stitch very small or intitricate patterns or lettering. For this reason, we make commonly-requested University college and school identifiers available through Marketing & Communications so your vendor does not waste time trying to recreate your official identifier by doing multiple stitch-outs.

All vendors must adhere to the Hallmarks of the University Brand guidelines in terms of logo usage, color usage, and typography usage. Most importantly, remember that the University logo is not simply the letter N; it is an N in a box, always. Failure to comply may result in a vendor being removed from our list of recommended vendors. Vendors should also note that the Athletics logos, including the Sport Wolf, Baseball N, Top Hat Wolf, and other Athletics-centric marks, are trademarked and licensed property of Athletics and cannot be used without prior written authorization.