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Photo & Video

For campus head shots (studio photography) and event photography, please contact campus photographer Theresa Danna-Douglas at (775) 682-6787.

A primary hallmark of the University brand is the use of professional photography that features a rich, vibrant and highly-saturated look, often incorporating tilt-shift or selective focus techniques to set it apart from amateur or stock photography. We also always strive to showcase a diversity of real University of Nevada, Reno faculty, staff, administrators, and students "caught in the act" of teaching, supporting, serving and learning. MarCom shares this vast resource through its Flickr account, which you can request access to in order to download our photos for University-related marketing uses. 

Examples of different styles of photography

Stock photography should only be used as a last resort when no appropriate images can be sourced from the University's Flickr account. Upon request, MarCom can put you in touch with the University's preferred photographic vendors.

Showing the rich diversity of our campus population is a top priority for the University. When you are planning your photo shoot, remember to actively recruit subjects from not only different races and cultural backgrounds but young people as well as older (non-traditional) students; military veterans; disabled, sight-impaired and other individuals who represent the wide range of people who work, live and learn with us.

Download Photo/Video Releases:

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