Print Release

University Policy

The University enforces a policy that requires prior approval for all printing projects costing $50 or more. Five business days BEFORE the project is printed, please submit a Print Release Request so we can review it for compliance with University brand guidelines. To review our guidelines, please visit

Print Release Request

The Purchasing Department requires a print release number if your printing costs more than $50. Please fill out the form on this page and Integrated Marketing will process your request within two business days. Failure to obtain a print release number can result in having your P-card taken away. For more information or brand questions, please contact David Branby at (775) 784-6187 or email

A "print release" is required for all University printing projects that use an external printing vendor and cost $50 or more to print. Before you print, you must submit your artwork for a print release through Integrated Marketing. All print jobs must meet the University's graphic standards in order to receive a print release. To obtain a print release number, please fill out the print release form below.

Instructional materials, such as tests, syllabi, articles and reports, are exempt from University graphic standards and do not require a print release. The University's preference is that the Block N logo be represented on these works.

Scholarly works, such as a dissertation or thesis, are exempt from University graphic standards and do not require a print release. Again, the University's preference is that the Block N logo be represented on these works.

Items related to the business system (letterhead, envelopes, business cards, etc) must be printed by University-contracted vendors because we have negotiated beneficial pricing for those materials. Visit the stationery page for online ordering information. 

Exceptions will require President's Office approval.

Please send a PDF of your artwork with the print release form. Your artwork will be reviewed for logo usage/brand compliance. Thank you for your cooperation.