PowerPoint Templates

Just fill in the content

Sometimes when you're working on a project, all you need is a step in the right direction and you can handle the rest. In that spirit, we've put together some PowerPoint templates to help you in your projects.

PowerPoint is fairly straightforward and easy to use. Making PowerPoint look professional, however, isn't always easy. We've created a simple yet visually pleasing PowerPoint template that you can use for your presentation. The text areas are left blank for you to fill in, and you can either use the photos we've included or browse our Flickr account.

General Use - Widescreen (Recommended) | Download General Use (Widescreen)
Wide screen thumbnail

General Use - Standard | Download General Use (Standard)
Standard Size Template

Blue N | Download Blue N
Blue N Presentation

Identity Bar | Download Identity Bar
Blue N Presentation

Campus Landscape | Download Campus Landscape
Campus Landscape Presentation