About the Office of Marketing and Communications

Areas of Expertise

The Office of  Marketing & Communications ("MarCom") is a highly experienced team of marketing, web development and communications professionals who strategize, create and execute branding, web development and marketing communications for the University of Nevada, Reno and its many units across campus and throughout the state.

Today, best practices in integrated marketing include a strategic focus on:

  • Brand
  • Websites and Web marketing
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Online and mobile-device marketing
  • Public relations
  • Paid traditional (print/radio/television) advertising

In MarCom, our core competency is helping the University's colleges, schools and special units market wisely and cost-effectively using evidence-based approaches including digital campaigns, web analytics and search-engine optimization to maximize our return on investment as conscientious stewards of Nevada's taxpayer dollars.

Areas of Responsibility

The University Brand

Over the years,  the MarCom team has developed the University's brand, which is  a consistent visual language that represents the transformative work that happens at this U.S. News & World Report National Tier 1 university.

The University Website

The cornerstone of the University 's marketing strategy is a strong, well-branded website based on a content management system (CMS) that ensures brand consistency and ease of use across the hundreds of University-related web pages under the unr.edu domain.

Integrated Messaging

The University of Nevada, Reno is a high-impact research university growing steadily in excellence and reputation. This U.S. News & World Report ranked National Tier 1 university is remarkable for its culture of student success, world-improving research, and outreach that enhances communities and business. These ideas form the pillars of our marketing messaging.

Representative Work

Websites & Web Marketing

University homepage

At the University of Nevada, Reno, our marketing strategy starts with highly effective websites. Using our campus-wide content management system (CMS), every University unit now has a user-friendly way to maintain their website information and measure web traffic on their sites.

Recruitment Materials

Recruitment viewbook

Print marketing materials drive interest and activity among the University's target audiences. Each College and School on campus has a suite of print marketing materials ranging from large printed brochures to 4" x 9" major cards, recruitment event flyers, postcards, pop-up stands, and other marketing collateral. The Office for Prospective Students also works with MarCom to develop an annual view book, table book, and related recruitment marketing materials that are distributed widely to high school students.

Photography & Videography

test image

A hallmark of the University brand is professionally-shot photographs and video that conveys the University's high academic standards as well as its unique student experience, research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, and outreach that enhances communities and business.

Social Marketing

Kaepernick ad

Social media is powerful when employed in a strategic manner. MarCom develops timely and topical content for our  25,000+ Facebook and Twitter followers to elicit conversations around key events, such as Commencement and Orientation, and special events on or around campus.

Online & Mobile

Web ad

As part of MarCom's "Digital First" strategy, we are harnessing the power of digital display ads, Facebook ads, organic search, search engine optimization and search engine marketing to cost-effectively communicate with our target audiences across the nation and around the globe.

Direct Mail

Pride Postcard

Direct mail is still an effective way to communicate key messages about the University and its compelling stories, both to prospective students and to higher education leaders across the nation. MarCom is adept at developing both the look and the language of award-winning, impactful direct mail campaigns.

Specialty Campaigns

BioFit T-Shirt

Certain campus and communitywide campaigns work best when they're planned, branded and executed from start to finish. MarCom serves University leadership by developing the concepts and the communications for these broad initiatives that enhance reputation and recruitment.