Faculty and Staff Funding Support

The College of Liberal Arts and the University support faculty members and staff as they pursue their scholarly activities. The following resources can help financial support travel and research.

  1. College of Liberal Arts travel support: Faculty looking for travel funding for development can apply for support from the Dean's Office.
  2. Scholarly and Creative Activities Grants Program
  3. Hilliard Endowment: The fund makes it possible to bring scholars in the humanities to the campus.
  4. Power of Diversity Series: The fund makes it possible to bring scholars to campus to host discussions on inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility.
  5. Research and Innovation Dimensions Grant: A program that provides funding for College of Liberal Arts and Reynolds School of Journalism.
  6. Publishing subvention support: Funding up to $1,000 that is open to all academic and administrative faculty with a research expectation who have a contract to produce scholarly or creative work, such as a book, monograph or multimedia work, and need assistant with production costs.
  7. International Activities Grants: Funds can be used for international research, faculty travel and exchange with foreign universities, campus events and outreach activities and curriculum development and support.
  8. Professional Development Grants for administrative faculty: Grants for professional advancement and other specialized activities relevant to job-related professional growth.
  9. Professional Development Grants for classified staff: Funding for classified staff to use for professional growth.

Grant administration assistance: Gus Quinlan works as the College’s grants and projects analyst to assist faculty with grant administration. Contact him for help with grant ideas to help entering your project into InfoEd.

Any faculty, staff, volunteers, or students participating in travel sponsored by, related to, or affiliated with the University shall first submit applicable travel requests prior to the date of travel as in accordance to the University Administrative Manual. International travel requests received fewer than 30 calendar days prior to the date of travel may not provide adequate time for review, and travel may not be reimbursable. International travel authorization requests submitted after travel has been completed shall not be reimbursable.