James Schaap

Adjunct Professor
James Schaap


Dr. James (Jamy) I. Schaap (pronounced “shop”) is a former Marine Corps Corporal and a Vietnam Veteran.

Dr. Jamy, as he likes to be called, is based in Reno, Nevada. He has over 25 years of international business management experience in the areas of leadership, strategic planning, negotiating, accounting and finance, forecasting and budgeting, corporate training, operations, and marketing. Sixteen years of those years were spent working for a market-leading foreign multinational firm in its industry. He is also a management consultant specializing in the strategic management field, having worked, at one time, for the largest consulting firm in Northern Nevada. Besides, he is a former Certified Professional Consultant to Management (CPCM) and a former Certified Business Counselor (CBC).

Dr. Jamy has over 45 years of adjunct university teaching experience, specializing in Strategic Management and Policy, Organizational Leadership, International Management, Marketing Management, Business Communications, and Changing Business Environments. He was a co-founder, pioneer, and former board member at The Center for Logistics Management, College of Business, University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). Dr. Jamy taught there for over 24 years (1991 – 2014). He has been asked back, starting in 2022, to teach. He is also passionate about providing much-needed online graduate education to professionals at California State University, Monterey Bay, who cannot attend traditional classroom educational programs.

Besides earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at California State University, Northridge, his Master of Arts degree, specializing in Human Development, from Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, California, he also holds an earned Master of Business Administration degree from Pepperdine University, Malibu, California. While attending this distinguished business school, Jamy was the top student in his classes. Upon graduation, he immediately secured an adjunct university teaching assignment from his alma mater. Jamy also earned a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree at the Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, California, where he specialized in strategic management and leadership.

Dr. Jamy is adept in business negotiating, writing, public speaking, facilitating, and developing the five-step strategic planning process, having spearheaded that process for a company that grew over 684% in seven years. He has written numerous business plans, training manuals, and policies and procedures. He has also published over 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals, specifically in the business field.

Research interests

  • Strategic Management (i.e., strategic management process, strategy implementation, mission, and vision statements)
  • Organizational/Entrepreneurial/Management Effectiveness/Leadership
  • Miscellaneous: Organizational Failure, Glass Ceiling, Peter Principle Phenomenon, Motivation/Retention, Leadership, Power, Ethics, Employee Turnover, Profit/Loss, Organizational Failures, College Sports Athletics (i.e., from a profitability standpoint), Native American gambling (i.e., growth and socioeconomic effects), Charitable Contributions, etc.


Doctor of Philosophy, Fielding Graduate University, School of Leadership Studies, Santa Barbara, California (WASC accredited) - 2006 
  • Discipline:  Human and Organizational Development
  • Emphasis:  Strategic Management and Organizational Leadership
  • Dissertation Committee Members:  Miguel Guilarte, Ph.D. (lead), Milton Lopes, Ph.D., Leonard Baca, Ed.D.
  • External Dissertation Examiner:  Arthur A. Thompson, Jr., Ph.D.
  • Student Dissertation Reader:  Michael D. Hill, Ph.D.
  • Published Doctoral Dissertation Title:  Strategy Implementation:  An empirical study of the role of senior-level leaders in the Nevada casino industry
Master of Arts, Fielding Graduate University, School of Leadership Studies, Santa Barbara, California (WASC accredited) 
  • Emphasis:   Strategic Management and Organizational Leadership - 2004
Master of Business Administration, Pepperdine University, Graziadio Business School, Malibu, California (AACSB accredited) - 1978
  • Emphasis:  Marketing and Finance
Bachelor of Science, California State University, David Nazarian College of Business, Northridge, California (AACSB accredited) * 1978
  • Emphasis:  Business Administration; Major:  Finance; Minor:  Accounting

Selected publications

  • (20) Schaap, J. I. & Breiter, J. E-Journal of Business & Economic Issues, Summer 2023, Volume XVIII, Issue II, ISSN No. 2158-303X. Ten Reasons Why Companies Keep Failing – An Update.
  • (19) Schaap, J. I. & González, A. F. E-Journal of Business & Economic Issues, Summer 2022, Volume XVII, Issue II, ISSN# 2158-303X. Monarch Casino & Resort, Inc.: Its Strategy During the COVID-19 Pandemic – A Case Study.
  • (18) Schaap, J. I. & González, A. F. E-Journal of Business & Economic Issues, Spring 2021, Volume XV, Issue I, ISSN# 2158-303X. Are the Vision Statements of Fortune 50 Companies Convincing? You Can Make That Decision.
  • (17) Schaap, J. I. & González, A. F. E-Journal of Business & Economic Issues, Spring 2021, Volume XV, Issue I, ISSN# 2158-303X. The Growth of the Native American Gaming Industry: An Update.
  • (16) Schaap, J. I. & Schaap, J. L. E-Journal of Business & Economic Issues, Fall 2020, Volume XV, Issue II, ISSN #: 2158-303X. Do Fortune 50 Companies Have Compelling Mission Statements? We will let you decide.
  • (15) Schaap, J., & Shockley, M. E-Journal of Business & Economic Issues, Summer 2020, Volume XV, Issue II, ISSN #: 2158-303X, 1-20. The Glass Ceiling: Is it Being Shattered?
  • (14) Schaap, J. Journal of International Management Studies, Volume 14, Number 2, August 2019, 60-68. The Peter Principle: Is This Phenomenon in Decline or Growing? A Review.

Professional certifications

  • Social & Behavioral Research – completed 2020 at CSUMB.
  • Social & Behavioral Research – completed 2012 and 2022 at UNR.