About Learning & Development

We're committed to enhancing our learning and development programs for all faculty and staff, aligning with and supporting the University's strategic goals. As a University employee, we aim to empower you to reach your professional aspirations, foster an environment that both challenges and supports you and your diverse team and help us all achieve our personal and professional best. Together, we thrive.

Our goals and offerings

Empower skills development

Access diverse learning opportunities beyond the classroom to develop key competencies. Impact your team and department while contributing to the university’s strategic vision.

Foster continuous learning

Take charge of your growth through continuous learning and development. Master vital skills and behaviors to advance in your career. Document the initiative you've taken each year in your annual self-evaluation.

Enhance learning through technology

Many of our development offerings use the latest in education technology for more efficient and flexible learning experiences. Enjoy greater access to learning materials, tailored to meet diverse needs.

Cultivate an inclusive learning community

Join an environment that values and celebrates continuous learning, diversity, and development.

Provide customized learning solutions

Benefit from curated learning content and delivery, tailored to your specific unit or department. Seek individual or group coaching and support for targeted development. Get assistance with organizational design, facilitation, and development planning.

Our team

Learning and development
Julie Guimond
Director, Organizational and Employee Development
(775) 682-5531
Learning and development development, faculty relations, management training
Tim McFarling
Leaderships Specialist, Associate Vice President Emeritus, HR
(775) 784-8269
2789 development, faculty relations, management training
Learning and development
Jenna Getsi
Coordinator, Training and Accommodations
(775) 682-5683
Learning and development casual labor, graduate assistant, ga, compensation, pay
Kaiya Massey
HR Training Specialist
(775) 784-1258
ARTM 001
2789 casual labor, graduate assistant, ga, compensation, pay
Learning and development
Will Peshall
Lead, Organizational & Employee Development
(775) 784-1494