Undergraduate Scholarships

Eligible undergraduate students at Nevada are invited to apply for one or more of these awards. Amounts vary based on number of recipients, but generally range from $300 to $1,000. The application deadline is March 1, 2019. Recipients are announced in mid-April, and the annual awards ceremony takes place in early May.

To apply: Follow the instructions provided below for each award you are interested in. Please complete one Scholarship Submission cover sheet for each award you apply for. When your application materials are complete, please submit them in hard copy to Neima Bockari at the English Department front desk.

Important points:

  • You must complete the Graduate and Undergraduate Scholarship Application in MyNevada to be eligible for any scholarships, including those for which faculty may nominate you. The application form must be completed annually between October 1 and May 31. There is a strong preference for those who complete this form by the February 1 priority deadline.
  • In order to be considered for scholarships that require or prefer financial need, you must complete the FAFSA or, for non-FAFSA eligible students, the Institutional Methodology form annually between October 1 and February 1. Pick one up in the English office. Follow all instructions.
  • Use a separate form for each application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Questions? Contact Professor Sarah Hulse at shulse@unr.edu.

Esther Early Scholarship

To Qualify: Full-time undergraduate English major (12+ credits); have completed at least two of the English major requirements (281/282, 298, 303), minimum 3.0 GPA as of January, with demonstrable financial need. May be renewed once if still full-time with 3.0 GPA.
To Apply: In a personal essay, explain your academic status, interests, and current career goals; any special circumstances exacerbating your financial need; and any scholarships or grants you currently receive. Length: 500-1,000 words. Submit two copies of your essay.

Thelma Ireland Scholarship

To Qualify: Full-time undergraduate English major demonstrating promise as a writer in any style. Must be a Nevada high school graduate. This scholarship is not renewable.
To Apply: Submit two copies of a story, essay, or sequence of poems. Limit 2,500 words.

James H. MacMillan Scholarship

Categories: Core Writing (ENG 098, 100J, 101, or 102) or undergraduate
To Qualify: Full-time undergraduate (12+ credits) majoring in any field, writing a poem or piece of prose about Nevada. This scholarship is not renewable.
To Apply: Submit two copies of a story, essay, or sequence of poems. Limit 2,500 words.

J. Lee Taylor Creative Writing Scholarship

To Qualify: Full-time writing major with minimum 3.0 GPA
To Apply: Submit two copies of one 5- to 10-page sample of creative writing in any genre.

Department of English Critical Writing Award

To Qualify: Full-time or part-time undergraduate major in English, writing an essay applying contemporary critical theory to a single major work or group of related works in British, American, or other Anglophone literature. May be a course assignment, but should be revised if necessary for a university-level general readership. This award is not renewable.
To Apply: Submit two copies of your essay. Limit 2,500 words.