Ignacio Montoya, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


Ignacio Montoya is an assistant professor of linguistics in the English Department at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Prior to his graduate work in linguistics, he taught in a wide variety of elementary and middle school classrooms and was motivated to pursue a Ph.D. in linguistics in part by his experiences as an educator. As a linguist, he approaches theoretical problems from functionalist perspectives in which findings in applied fields inform theory. In addition, he has interests in and experiences with endangered language revitalization and heritage language maintenance.

Research interests

  • Morphology
  • Phonology
  • Cognitive and usage-based approaches to grammar
  • Language variation and change
  • Indigenous languages of North America
  • Romance and Semitic language families

Recent publications

  • Montoya, Ignacio L. (2016). A comparison of roots as units of analysis in Modern Hebrew and Spanish: Exploring a remnant approach to defining roots. Proceedings of the 10th Mediterranean Morphology Meeting.
  • Montoya, Ignacio L. (2014). Getting your gutturals out of the mind: An assessment of the role of phonology in the patterns of historical gutturals in Modern Hebrew, University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics, 20(1), Article 25.
  • Blanchette, Frances & Montoya, Ignacio (2014). Using elicited repetition to test copula knowledge in bilingual and monolingual two-year-olds, Proceedings Supplement of the Boston University Conference on Language Development, Volume 38.


  • Ph.D., Linguistics, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, 2017
  • M.A., Linguistics, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, 2013
  • M.A., Educational Leadership, Teachers College, Columbia University, 2007
  • B.A., Psychology, Harvard College, 1997