Nevada Mathematics Project: An Innovative STEM Initiative

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The Nevada Mathematics Project: An Innovative STEM Initiative engages in cutting edge research to improve mathematics and science instruction in Nevada statewide and beyond. The initiative works within the education system of Nevada, and our collaborators include the Nevada Governor's Office of STEM Education, the Nevada Department of Education, Nevada Regional Professional Development Programs, all Nevada school districts, national industry partners (RHK Technology, Mathematical Reviews), and experts at other top national research universities (Northwestern University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Central Connecticut University, and University of Nevada, Las Vegas).

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Goals of the Nevada Mathematics Project:

  • Formalize the existing statewide network for communication, collaboration and dissemination of knowledge and resources
  • Provide high quality research-based professional development to improve STEM learning in Nevada
  • Research innovative and effective ways to design and deliver professional development that supports student learning
  • Develop tools and resources to support school districts, Nevada teachers and students
  • Develop expert leaders in STEM education in Nevada
  • Build an interdisciplinary team of experts through collaborative relationships across the country and internationally to raise the level of knowledge and expertise
  • Generate research to improve teacher education in STEM disciplines

Contact Us

Teruni Lamberg Teruni Lamberg, Ph.D., Director
Associate Professor of Elementary Mathematics Education
College of Education

Ed Keppelmann Ed Keppelman, Ph.D., Co-Director
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Peggy Lakey Peggy Lakey, M.S., Co-Director
Mathematics Lecturer III
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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