Discover Science Lecture Series: bringing the world's leading scientists to the community

Attending the Discover Science Lecture Series

Free and open to the public

Lectures start at 7 pm
Davidson Math and Science Center
Room 110

Free parking is available on the top level of the Brian Whalen Parking Complex.

The Discover Science Lecture Series was founded by the College of Science in 2010, with the goal of bringing the country's top scientists to the University to share their knowledge, research and wisdom with the community.

"Science encompasses a wonderfully diverse collection of explorations into the unknown. We invite science lovers and the science-curious to join us and experience the extent of the science universe as the best scientists on the planet visit the University of Nevada, Reno for our Discover Science Lecture Series," Jeff Thompson, Dean of the College of Science said.

Past speakers in the series include astrophysicists Michio Kaku and Neil deGrasse Tyson; Robert Ballard, who discovered the wreck of the Titanic; and Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Upcoming speaker: Dr. Karen Lloyd on March 14, 2019

Karen Lloyd

Karen Lloyd studies novel groups of microbes in Earth's deep surface biosphere, collecting them from disparate remote places such as Arctic fjords, volcanoes in Costa Rica, even deep in mud in the Marianas Trench

Lloyd applies molecular biological techniques to environmental samples to learn more about microbes that have thus far evaded attempts to be cultured in a laboratory. She has adapted novel techniques to quantify and characterize these mysterious microbes while requiring minimal changes to their natural conditions. Her work centers on deep oceanic subsurface sediments, deep-sea mud volcanoes and cold seeps, terrestrial volcanoes and hot springs, serpentinizing springs, Arctic marine fjord sediments and ancient permafrost. She is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Tennessee.

Watch Dr. Lloyd's TED talk titled "This deep-sea mystery is changing our understanding of life"

2018-2019 Discover Science Lecturers

Jaime Casap

Jaime Casap
August 22, 2018

Education Evangelist, Google

Jim Bell

Jim Bell
September 20, 2018

Professor, Space Exploration

David Hillis

David Hillis
November 15, 2018

Evolutionary Biologist

Karen Lloyd

karen Lloyd
March 14, 2019

Deep Sea Marine Scientist

Bob Ziegler

Bob Ziegler
April 25, 2019

Plant Pathologist