Applied Instrumental Music, Bachelor of Music Degree

Degree Requirements

Students must successfully audition before the music faculty for entrance into the Bachelor of Music degree program with a major in applied music.

Since degree requirements and course offerings can change from year to year, consult the General Course Catalog for your appropriate school year's requirements and suggestions.

Piano Proficiency

All Bachelor of Music students are required to pass a Piano Proficiency Examination. It is highly recommended that students complete this examination prior to their junior year. Bachelor of Music students are advised to begin work on piano proficiency during freshman year by enrolling in piano proficiency courses. To pass the Piano Proficiency Examination, Bachelor of Music applied instrumental students will be expected to know and perform the following piano skills:

  • The ability to play major and harmonic minor scales, two octaves through three sharps and flats.
  • The ability to transpose a melody.
  • Play a prepared piece of advanced level 4 or beginning level 5 difficulty as specified in the Magrath repertoire books. Check with a committee member for prior approval.
  • Play a prepared accompaniment to an instrumental solo. Check with a committee member for prior approval. The piece must be performed with the instrumental soloist.

Continuation Exam - MUS 300

All undergraduate music majors pursuing a Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Music in Music Education degree must fulfill the Continuation Exam requirement before enrolling in upper-division theory or music education coursework. This comprehensive exam covers the final two semesters of both the theory and sight-singing sequences. It is strongly recommended students take the exam following the second year of study within their degree program. Exams will be offered each May and August. The Continuation Exam is divided into two equally weighted segments: written theory and oral ear-training sections.

NOTE: Remember that the Continuation Exam must be passed and completed before enrolling in upper-division theory and oral-ear-training courses. Students will have two opportunities to pass the Continuation Exam before official admittance into the chosen music degree program is denied.

Recital Requirements

Candidates for the Bachelor of Music in Performance degree must present a junior and senior recital. Specific requirements depend upon the instrument. For specific information concerning Recital Requirements, follow the links below:

NOTE: For all students entering the Bachelor of Music-Applied Music and the Bachelor of Music-Music Education degree programs, any grade of C- or lower in the coursework for the major must be repeated (courses may only be repeated once).

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