Winter Commencement parking

General parking will be available in the  West Stadium parking complex -- which is north of Lawlor Events Center -- as well as in the Green, Blue and Tan parking lots on the North side of campus. Public parking areas are designated for use by faculty, graduates, families and their friends.

Please note:

  • Please be sure to plan ahead and arrive early.
  • Disabled parking will be available on level 1of the West Stadium parking complex, north of Lawlor Events Center. 
  • The drop-off area is located on the first floor of the West Stadium parking complex. 
  • Wheelchair attendants will be available at the drop-off location for those who need assistance into the arena.

Security and venue information

All items brought into the Lawlor Events Center are subject to inspection.  There are no provisions for storing/checking prohibited items at the gates/doors or onsite.  Items left unattended at the entry will be discarded and are unrecoverable.

Items prohibited in Lawlor Events Center

  • No balloons; No wrapped gifts
  • Outside Alcoholic Beverages or Illegal Drugs of any type
  • Glass, Metal or Plastic Containers (Thermos-Type Containers)
  • Food or Beverage (One disposable, sealed plastic water bottle allowed per guest)
  • Weapons, Fireworks, Laser pointers, Chains, or Mace
  • Objects that may be Projectiles
  • Banners or any type of signs bigger than 11" x 17"
  • Poles, Selfie sticks, Sticks (except canes for ADA guests)
  • Objects that obstruct the view of other Guests
  • Noisemakers (Whistles, Sirens, Cow Bells, Etc.)
  • Drones or Unmanned Ariel Systems (UAS)
  • Tobacco products, including E-Cigarettes

Additional information can be found on the Lawlor Events Center website.