Tutoring Programs

The E. L. Cord Foundation Center for Learning and Literacy focuses on tutoring elementary children from kindergarten to the eighth grade. We offer two reading programs throughout the academic year and one summer program. The clinic tutoring program is based in the Center; while the Reading Buddies program is based in local area schools.  Both tutoring programs are taught by UNR undergraduate students and supervised by UNR faculty.

The Center for Learning & Literacy does not diagnose reading disabilities. We offer informal assessments of a student's reading abilities based on observation. We use the Analytic Reading Inventory (Woods & Moe, 2011).

If you would like your child to be tested for a specific reading disability, we recommend seeking a licensed clinical and/or educational psychologist.

Tutoring Session

Clinic Tutoring

The Clinic Tutoring Program is designed for struggling readers and is held throughout the fall, spring, and summer semesters at the Center. This tutorial program is an important part of an advanced literacy instruction class for undergraduate students seeking degrees in education. During the school year the children come to the Center for an hour, two days a week during each semester. During the summer semester, children attend the one hour tutorial program four days per week in the morning, for four weeks.

Literacy instruction in the tutoring programs is focused on meeting the needs of students by utilizing various instructional methods, assessments, and technology to enrich the development of each student. Our university faculty and staff are dedicated to the advancement of literacy for all students. Please make sure you visit our website for more registration information regarding our tutoring program. Tutoring slots for struggling readers fill up fast so please be sure to register quickly during the posted time frames.

Reading Buddies

The Reading Buddies Program is funded by the Regents Service Program. Undergraduate education majors are supported by the Regents Service Program as they tutor struggling readers in local schools.tutoring L

Both programs rely on ongoing reading and writing assessments to guide instruction. Technology is used to enhance literacy instruction and motivate students as they construct digital stories and utilize e-books, the web and video technologies.

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