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Joseph Domer

  • Joseph Domer

Rangeland Ecology & Management

Outstanding Senior

The Outstanding Senior Award recognizes graduating students who have excelled academically and have improved leadership in our College.

Joey Domer is a strong representative of the Bachelor of Science in Rangeland Ecology & Management Degree Program. He has been a thoughtful and productive student in the program, pursuing summer research experiences as a research technician with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service in Burns, Oregon and as a technician in the Robert Washington-Allen Lab at the University. Alongside his academic pursuits, Joey engaged with Range Club both as a participant and as club president. He has attended the Society for Range Management annual conference and participated on the University’s Undergraduate Range Management team, and has also assisted with the College display booth. In addition, he participated in the Science in the Sagebrush College Competition held in Burns every spring. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, playing music, rock climbing and snowboarding. Joseph says, "I would like to thank whoever nominated me, my professors, fellow students and friends for the education, support and camaraderie that helped me to finish my degree and earn this award. I will continue to strive towards the excellence this award exemplifies and I am grateful to receive it. Soli Deo Gloria."

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