Online MSBA curriculum

At 30 credit hours, the online Master of Science in Business Analytics program curriculum helps meet the growing need for data science professionals by providing you with enhanced insight and perspective. You’ll gain an understanding of the importance of strategic decision-making based on substantive knowledge — rather than intuition alone — that delivers results and helps raise the bar in data-driven business performance.

List of MSBA courses
Course Number Course Name Credits
BAN 701 Business Analysis Methods 3 credits
BAN 702 Data Transformation and SQL 3 credits
BAN 703 Information Visualization & Communication 3 credits
BAN 704 Applied Data Science 3 credits
BAN 705 Enterprise Processes & Analytics 3 credits
BAN 706 Predictive Modeling & Data Mining 3 credits
BAN 707 Big Data 3 credits
BAN 708 Data Security, Risk Management, & Ethics 3 credits
BAN 709 Leadership Strategies 3 credits
BAN 710 Business Analytics Project 3 credits