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Addressing unemployment insurance fraud

Below are actions and resources that can be used to help individuals that have had their personal identifying information compromised. While these resources cannot guarantee there are no further issues, they can provide helpful tools to combat future usage of your personal identifying information. 

  1. File a police report with your local jurisdiction. File an Identity Theft or Personal Identifiable Information Complaint alleging that your personal information has been compromised and used to file a UI claim. You should advise your local law enforcement agency that this is a "courtesy" report and request a copy of the report and retain that copy in your personal records.
  2. Contact the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC can provide resources for victims of identity theft.
  3. Contact the Internal Revenue Service. Advise the IRS that your personal information has been compromised and is in the possession of criminal elements which can result in filing fraudulent tax returns using your information. This is a critical step!
  4. Contact the State of Nevada Attorney General Office. Inquire about the Identity Theft Passport Program.
  5. Contact the Social Security Administration. The SSA will not likely issue you a new social security number.
  6. Contact the FBI. If someone has filed an unemployment claim fraudulently, please report it to the FBI.
  7. Consider additional credit securing actions. We cannot recommend or suggest the use of any particular credit securing service as they are all private, paid services. If you do elect to use a credit securing service, you may wish to first review the information at the FTC website.