Carolyn White, Ph.D.

Mamie Kleberg Chair in Historic Preservation; Professor, Anthropology; Director, Historic Preservation Program; Director, Anthropology Research Museum



Carolyn White's research interests center on historical archaeology in the Americas and as a global endeavor, material culture, the construction of identity, gender, and archaeological method and theory. She is interested in engaging new theoretical and methodological perspectives to understand material culture and to approach the past. Her recent research explores personal adornment as a class of material culture and as a means for exploring the construction of identity along gender, class, age, and ethnicity. She is currently engaged in several projects: daily life in 19th-century multicultural Aurora, Nevada; the trans-Atlantic trade in personal adornment, the study of ranching on the Big Island of Hawaii; the exploration of Depression-Era rural landscapes in the Black Rock Desert; the archaeology of Burning Man and a collaborative project on the Archaeology of Artists' Studios.

She is the director of the Anthropology Research Museum and work with ethnographic and archaeological collections in this context. She is co-editor of the Guides to Historical Artifacts Series (with Timothy J. Scarlett, Michigan Tech). This series presents comprehensive guides to classes of historical artifacts commonly found in excavations, archives, museums, and private collections in North America.

White directs the Historic Preservation program and is the advisor for the undergraduate minor in Museum Studies.

She welcomes enquiries from prospective masters and doctoral students in historical archaeology and material culture studies.


  • Historical archaeology
  • Historical archaeology of the West
  • Archaeology of the contemporary world
  • Archaeology of the ephemeral and temporar
  • Material culture
  • Museum studies
  • Historic preservation
  • North America, Hawaii and England


  • Historical Archaeology
  • Historic Preservation
  • Seminar in Archaeology and Prehistory
  • Material Culture Seminar
  • Archaeology of Gender and Identity
  • Archaeological Laboratory Methods
  • Museum Studies
  • Collections Research
  • Museum Training for Anthropologists

Selected Publications

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  • 2009 The Materiality of Individuality: Archaeological Studies of Individual Lives. Springer Press, New York. Editor.
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Archeology of Artists' Studios


  • Ph.D., Boston University