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Orvis Student Nurses' Association (OSNA)


Joining is easy. View the application.


Faculty Advisor: Shannon Richard
Phone: (775) 682-7224

Developing the Future Leaders in Nursing

What is OSNA?

The objectives and aims of the Orvis Student Nurses' Association are to unite student nurses, pre-nursing students, faculty and nurses in the community for the purpose of giving support, providing networking opportunities and offering leadership enhancement to candidates of the Bachelor's of Science degree.  OSNA is a professional nursing student service organization representing Orvis School of Nursing (OSN) students and the nursing profession.

Why should I be a member of OSNA?

  • Be a part of a group & work as a team
  • Develop personal & professional growth in nursing
  • Get involved in community activities and professional events
  • Network with nursing students and professionals locally & nationally
  • Maximize your leadership talent
  • Enhance career opportunities
  • Make long lasting friendships

How can I join?

Fill out the application and include cash, check or money order payable to the Board of
Regents, under the "for" put OSNA and drop it in the OSNA mailbox in the main office.

Nursing Student Dues

Students accepted into the OSN program pay $35.00. This covers your continuous
enrollment, while in the nursing program, until graduation!

Pre-Nursing Student Dues

Dues are $20.00 and are good for that current academic year. New dues are to be paid in
August of the next school year.

Spring 2016 Officers

Faculty Advisor: Shannon Richard
President: Claire Eraldi
Vice President: Alexa Rubenau
Secretary: Kat Bandy
Treasurer: Nicole Mehrer

Activities Committee:

  • Mariah Choo
  • Sarah Linaman
  • Leishel Pasion

Convention Committee:

  • Claire Pfeiffer
  • Michael Wanninger
  • Patricia Miller

Communities Outreach:

  • Rachael Sherman
  • Morgan Pisane
  • Zack Mueller

Web Communicator: Devin Jandoc

Level II Liaison:  Tara Chitwood

Level IV Liaison:  Katie Childress

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