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About the College

Interim Dean Larry Engstrom

Message from Interim Dean Larry Engstrom

The College of Liberal Arts contains the disciplines of the humanities and social sciences, as well as the School of the Arts and the School of Social Research and Justice Studies. The departments and programs of the university's largest college play key roles in undergraduate and graduate instruction. The faculty are nationally and internationally known for their research and creative activity.

A liberal arts education at the University of Nevada, Reno emphasizes inquiry, discovery and openness to new ideas and perspectives. Through intensive study of a major field and broad exposure to other disciplines, students develop intellectual curiosity, research skills, and the ability to define and solve complex problems.

Study of the liberal arts also prepares undergraduates for professional or graduate education and for a wide variety of careers. In a world where a person may expect to change occupations several times, a background in the liberal arts might be the best preparation for a productive and satisfying life and for thoughtful, effective citizenship. Graduates go on to do amazing deeds.

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